WILMINGTON (CBS) – For a big breakfast at a small price, As Good As It Gets Cafe” in Wilmington serves a triple-stacked sandwich stuffed with layers of eggs, sausage and bacon.

“When it goes through the dining room, they’ll look at it and say ‘what’s that?’ I’ll have that. They don’t even know what it is. It makes a whopper of a sandwich.”

Brooklyn Water Bagels in Framingham specializes in authentic New York-style bagels. They are boiled and baked fresh every day.

“We make 16 different varieties of bagels,”

“We have asiago, which is a cheese bagel. We have egg bagels, salt bagels. We make the bagels, We make a product called the flagel which is basically a flat bagel.”

At the Iron Town Diner in Saugus, some of the top-selling morning items are the Nutella and banana french toast and the Italian-style eggs benedict.

“Our benedict here is more than just throwing a ham on a piece of benedict. We cut our prosciutto fresh every day and Sprinkle it with some basil and you’re good to go.”

Unfortunately, one of Boston’s favorite breakfast joints, Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe in the South End, closed last month after eighty-seven years in business.

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