TEWKSBURY (CBS) – Thousands of Market Basket workers rallying for the return of ousted CEO Arthur T. DeMoulas stood up against “corporate America” and refused to return to work Friday after the company’s board denied a request to reinstate ousted CEO Arthur T. DeMoulas.

“I wont work for these guys,” said Market Basket employee Bob McGough.

The energetic crowd of thousands gathered at Market Basket’s Tewksbury store voicing support for DeMoulas. The rally took place as the Market Basket board met in Boston on Friday to discuss DeMoulas’s offer to buy a controlling interest in the company.

“Absolutely not,” said Market Basket employee Greg Reeves when asked whether he was scared the employees would lose the battle for the company. “Because even if we lose, we’ve won. We’ve showed corporate America what can happen if the little man stands up for themselves.”

Employees displayed giant fake giraffes, which Reeves said symbolized their message.

“The emphasis behind that is when you believe in something strongly enough, don’t be afraid to stick your neck out there,” he said.

Customers, including Cathy Drouin, also joined the rally to support the workers.

“Hopefully, the board of directors will hear our plea,” she said.

Drouin and her friends also made posters to support their cause.

“We’re gonna keep up the fight,” said another Market Basket worker.


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