By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s been a busy news week, nearly all of it bad news.

Bloodshed in Gaza, Russian-sponsored thuggery and mass murder in Ukraine, hideous slaughter in Syria.

Perpetual gridlock and cluelessness in Washington. Thousands of Market Basket workers at risk of losing their jobs for no good reason.

Paris Hilton, still employed.

Sometimes it feels like bad news is on the verge of overwhelming us, at least, those of us, like you, who care enough about the news to follow it.

So I feel it’s my solemn duty to once in awhile try to lighten your mood with some good news, and this is one of those days.

Let’s start with the weather.

Can you remember a nicer New England summer than this one? The weekend looks absolutely terrific, and I for one am grilling out both nights for some of my favorite people.

And there appears to be no risk that my local packy will run out of beer.

By the way, if next week is your vacation week, the forecast looks great, you picked a beauty.

How’s that for good news?

If you’re still a little down about the human nature on display in all the bad news, consider the story of Danny Nickerson of Foxboro, a little boy with serious health issues who told his mother he wanted lots of mail for his birthday Friday.

Yesterday, Danny received more mail than the entire town of Foxboro combined, thanks to caring people who spread the word.

By the way, if you’d like to keep the love rolling, the address is:

Danny Nickerson

PO Box 212

Foxboro, Mass. 02035

I could go on and on, but just keep this in mind – for every bad news story you see or hear, there are hundreds of good news stories that may not make it on the air.

So take it with a grain of salt, and keep some more good news in mind – a moderate amount of salt is good for your health.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

You can listen to Keller At Large on WBZ News Radio every weekday at 7:55 a.m. You can also watch Jon on WBZ-TV News.


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