The Adam Jones Show

BOSTON (CBS) –  It was a “Buy Or Sell” Monday on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.” Play along with Jones and Rich Keefe on the following topics…

1. The Red Sox have won five straight games and eight of their last 10. Buy or Sell the Red Sox are still in the playoff hunt!

“I sell it,” said Jones. “We’ve seen the Red Sox before after a 10-game losing streak win seven in a row, then lose a bunch of games in the row. They’ve been Jekyll and Hyde all season long. I don’t think they are this best. I don’t think they’re the third worst team in the American League, but I also don’t think they’re a playoff team.”

2. Buy or Sell Aaron Dobson will have the most touchdowns among Patriots wide receivers in 2014!

“I buy it. But I think some of it is by default. Even if Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman have better seasons all around, who else is really a red zone threat on the team? I guess maybe Brandon LaFell? It’s going to be tight end Rob Gronkowski in the red zone, but for the receivers? I guess because he’s a big target, because he’s got some speed on the outside to go along with his big frame, and assuming he’s out there Week 1, I think at the very least Aaron Dobson will lead the receivers in touchdowns.”

3. Buy or Sell Kevin Love has already played his last game for the Timberwolves!

“I buy it. Cleveland is willing to give up Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a couple of draft picks for Love — that’d be enough for me. The Warriors are still including Klay Thompson in a deal. Then you have a team like the Celtics frantically trying to figure out a way to get him,” said Jones. “There are teams lining up to get him, what LeBron James wants he typically gets, and I still buy the idea that he’s played his final game in Minnesota. He gets dealt before the year.”

4. Buy or Sell the MLS ratings will be higher this year than last!

“I buy it. It has to be more because of the World Cup, but I don’t think it’ll be significant,” said Jones. “It’s certainly not going to be this massive boon for the sport all of a sudden.”

5. Golfer Rory McIlroy has now won three of the four major championships. Buy or Sell Rory McIlroy will win the career grand slam before he’s 30 years old.

“I buy it. He has to win one in the next five years. Assuming he doesn’t have a Tiger Woods type of life intervention he has to break through in the next five years,” said Jones. “He’s been in the top 10 at The Masters before so I think he’ll break through.”

Listen below for the full discussion:



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