Check out this map of the national high temperatures yesterday. Does it look like any of the numbers are incorrect? The reality is that they are all the official highs for July 19! To me, it looks more like a September map. The chunk of unusually cool air that entered the country from Canada several days ago has set many records. Much of the nation should be in the 90s and not in the upper 70s to middle 80s. For a few days, there have been many historical records or so-called mini-max temperatures! It is truly amazing to see the high of 78 at Dallas and Little Rock knowing that it could easily be closer to 100 in those locations. No doubt it is providing wonderful relief to areas of the country that never get a break from the wretched heat and stifling humidity. Eventually, the heat will be turned on and spread into the Northeast but once again, it will be a short-lived episode of sizzling weather here that will climax on Wednesday at or slightly over 90 degrees away from south-facing coastal locations.

JULY14-20I couldn’t resist. I just had to post this graphic again to illustrate a study in contrast. I am sure that most people recall one of the longer heat waves on record last July and it lasted 7 days! It maxed out at a record 99 degrees on July 19 which is 27 degrees higher than it was in Boston yesterday! Despite the much cooler same week here in 2014, the mean temperature for this July is still around 2 degrees above average. There have been 3 days at or over 90 degrees in Boston compared to a whopping 12 days last July. Interestingly, following the 96 on July 20 last year, there was only one day at or above 90 and that was on 9-11 at 97 degrees! On average, August features 3 such days and conditions and factors favor an average or slightly above average number of 90 degree days this August. For me, overall, this summer has been one of the best in many years. What do you think? Could your favorite one be last summer?

2013_RPM_4KMJuly 20-25, on average, is the hottest stretch of the year in New England so today will be another atypical July day with highs only slightly over 70 at the beaches to the upper 70s northwest of Boston where there is a higher chance of sunshine breaking out from time to time especially this afternoon. Cape Cod will be most vulnerable to another parcel of sprinkles and light showers occurring in places down there this afternoon. The wind will be light northeast to easterly at 5-10 mph today and light southeasterly tomorrow so the beaches will be in the middle 70s with areas away from the ocean just over 80. Sunshine will be more prevalent tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. A southwesterly breeze will freshen on Tuesday so you will feel the higher humidity and then it will be very muggy on Wednesday when the wind will be gusty from the southwest making south-facing coastal locations cooler. There is some uncertainty on the exact timing of a cold frontal passage this week. There could be a string of showers and storms associated with this front. Presently, I am thinking that most of the action will take place Wednesday night or early Thursday. With the passage, more refreshing air rushes in from the north-northwest. So it is possible that part of Thursday will be unsettled but the weather should be beautiful Friday and Saturday with high temperatures of 80-85 except closer to 74-78 at the beaches.

If any new data warrants a revision of this prognosis, I will post a fresh blog this evening or early tomorrow morning. Otherwise, enjoy your Sunday and make it a great week!




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