BOSTON (CBS) – Wynn Resorts has offered Boston $6 million in upfront payments and $2.6 million annually along with other benefits as part of a casino mitigation deal, according to reports.

Mohegan Sun, which has proposed the largest mitigation deal for any community impacted by a casino, has proposed a casino in Revere while Wynn has proposed a casino and hotel for Everett. The two companies are competing for the sole Boston casino gambling license.

The Wynn deal is much smaller than Mohegan Sun’s proposed $18 million annual incentive for its plans. Mohegan’s agreement also included a $30 million one-time payment.

The state’s Gaming Commission will have the final word over how much Boston would receive from Wynn. The regulatory group can call for a better package from Wynn.

Each company must have compensation agreements with the towns they would impact.

In addition to the $1 million, Wynn has offered $5 million to upgrade road intersections. Wynn’s offer also includes a $250,000 one-time payment for transportation along with a $1 million annual payment. An additional $750,000 one-time payment and a $1 million annual payment is included for public safety.

Also, Wynn would contribute $350,000 for cultural events and nonprofit efforts in Charlestown and $250,000 annually for a water taxi that would run from the casino to downtown Boston.

The commission will hold public hearings over the next several weeks and plans to announce the winner of the casino license by early September.


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