PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND (CBS) – The American on Iron Horse Way in Providence specializes in upscale American classics like meatloaf, mac and cheese, and steakhouse-style bacon.

“It’s that simple. It’s a plate of bacon, garnished with a little touch of fried leeks. We give you a steak knife and a fork and let you have at it. What’s more American than bacon?”

For over twenty years, “Bob and Timmy’s” on Federal Hill has fired up thousands of their signature super-thin and extra crispy grilled pizzas.

“With ours, you have a homemade dough. We don’t cook over a gas grill. We use real charcoal so the flavor of that is cooked into the pizza. Our texture is normally a little bit soft and a little bit crunchy at the same time.”

Local 121 in downtown Providence serves a lot of finger foods in their casual bar and locally-sourced seafood in their gorgeous dining room.

“I’m absolutely trying to appeal to just about everybody. Whether it be the eater that wants to experience something new or to just enjoy the classic burger in a different way.”

And if you need another reason to dine out Providence – consider this – a lot of the time, you can park there for free! For more food and fun, watch phantom gourmet Saturday and Sunday at ten thirty and eleven… On My TV Thirty-Eight.



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