BOSTON (CBS) — Tyler Seguin was known to have a good time during his offseasons with the Boston Bruins.

But this summer, he’s gone a little “nuts.”

The Dallas Stars forward made a triumphant return to social media this week, just in time to promote a golf tournament he held on Thursday. What he did during the tournament just further proves that hockey players are the toughest people on the planet.

It also proved they are a little crazy.

Seguin had a little fun at his tournament, and posted a video to his Instagram account of a golfer teeing off on his groin. For those brave enough to watch, here is the video:

Fear not ladies. Seguin and his assets are OK.

The 22-year-old Seguin led the Stars with 84 points last season. It would have been very interesting had things gone terribly wrong on Thursday, and he had to explain to the front office why he would have to miss some time next season — with a very high-pitched voice.



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