BOSTON (CBS) – Every night on The Adam Jones Show, Jones and Rich Keefe take a break from the hard-hitting hot sports takes in a lighter segment called Game Of Jones.

On Wednesdays the guys play Would You Rather,” in which Jones is asked either/or type questions on various topics. Jones is on vacation, so it was Rich Keefe and “Jeopardy” Joe Murray running the ship.

Here are the questions:

1. Would You Rather the MLB All-Star Game decide home-field advantage in the World Series or not?

“I’d rather it not,” said Keefe. “Not even close. They don’t even really play the game for real; they’re trying to play everybody, pitchers are only throwing an inning. It just makes no sense. There were more competitive games before the switch. It doesn’t even need to be a competitive game! I think they freaked out when there was a tie.”

2. Would You Rather have Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham?

“If I knew he’d be healthy I’d take Gronkowski, but it’s Jimmy Graham just because he’s phenomenal catching the ball. He’s not as good as a blocker but I think I can rely on him to be on the field when you need him. I know a lot of people around here would call me crazy for that but I’m taking Jimmy Graham,” said Rich Keefe.

3. Would You Rather have Jon Lester or Cole Hamels on the Red Sox for the next four years?

“It’s Jon Lester. I know they’re very similar. They’re basically the same age — they could be twins for all we know. Maybe separated at birth? I haven’t dug deep enough into it, but I would take Jon Lester. We know he can do it in the American League, we know he can do it in the playoffs, we know he can do it in Boston, so I’ll take Jon Lester,” said Keefe.

4. Would You Rather win the Home Run Derby or the Slam Dunk Contest?

“Me personally I’d rather win the Slam Dunk Contest. Slam Dunk Contest for sure. A 5’11” white guy out there winning the Slam Dunk Contest? That would be awesome,” said Keefe.

5. Would You Rather be a contestant on Wheel Of Fortune or Jeopardy?

“This one hits close to him for you, doesn’t it?” Rich asked Joe Murray. “Not that I’m smart, but I would still do Jeopardy. Wheel Of Fortune? I’m not great at solving the puzzles and there’s too much left to the people next to you and to the wheel itself. You can solve the puzzle and all of a sudden you spin bankrupt. I feel like there’s more money in Jeopardy. Both shows are thirty minutes long so you’re getting a lot of air time. I would just go on Jeopardy and keep my fingers crossed that the questions are all sports, video games and movie categories. That’s sort of my wheel house.”

Listen below!



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