BOSTON (CBS) – After returning from his trip to Minnesota from the MLB All-Star Game, Dan Shaughnessy joined Gresh & Zolak on 98.5 The Sports Hub to discuss the current status of Jon Lester and his current contract situation with the Boston Red Sox.

Jon Lester is currently in the final year of his contract and at the beginning of this year’s spring training, the Red Sox offered Lester a contract much less than what he is worth. Many teams would love to see Lester hit the market.

One of those teams happen to be to be the hated rivals.

“The Yankees, I believe, would give this guy [Lester] $160 million, today,” said Shaughnessy. “I have no doubts about that. [Red Sox] are going to have to either break the bank and change their policies and do a one-timer with this guy or they are going to have to say ‘See ya later.’ And it’s hard to imagine this ending well for the Red Sox with Jon Lester at this point.”

Jon Lester has really enjoyed his time in Boston, and has even said that he would take a bit of a hometown discount to stay here. Although he loves being comfortable here in Boston, he wouldn’t be opposed to leaving if the Red Sox don’t pay him what he thinks he deserves.

“We talked to [Lester] for an hour the other day,” said Shaughnessy. “He is genuine when he says he wants to stay here. He doesn’t want to do the little things like I told you the other day, like learning a new spring training facility, learning new strength and conditioning coaches. He’s a creature of habit. He’s kind of a shy, boring guy, who just wants to do what he knows and he would tell you that. He likes it here. His family likes it here. He’s comfortable, but he’s also not stupid. His number is getting so high.”

However, even though Jon Lester is “comfortable” here in Boston, there are many teams our there that would love to make their respective cities his new home. And it is not just the Yankees according to Shaughnessy.

“You’re looking at New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, possibly Atlanta, Seattle — this is just for starters. The market is going to be huge for this guy, all he’s got to do is stay healthy until the end of the year.”

The Red Sox have definitely put themselves in a difficult position when it comes to Jon Lester’s contract. The Red Sox and their fans are hoping that Jon Lester will give the Red Sox another chance at a contract offer.

Listen below for the full discussion:


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