The Adam Jones Show

 BOSTON (CBS) – It was an Over/Under Tuesday on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.”

In this All Red Sox edition, Rich Keefe and Adam Kaufman go Over/Under with the following topics:

Xander Bogaerts’ batting average at the end of the season: Over/Under .250

“Right now it is at .235 and I don’t think it’s going to be a miraculous turnaround right away. I think he might level off somewhere, but I’m going to say under. And I’m upset about that. I’m rooting for the over as all of us are. I think he turns it around and is better than he was for the first half, but even still I don’t think he’s going to have a month as hot as May, or a month as cold as June and into July. He’s going to finish in the .240’s,” said Keefe.

Temper tantrums thrown by David Ortiz the rest of the year: Over/Under 1.5

“He thinks they’re going to add one slugger by the trade deadline, so that’s one tantrum. The contract stuff has cleared up, but maybe similar to John Lackey he sticks his nose in the Jon Lester stuff eventually. He’s been a teammate of his for a long time. That’s not typically his thing, because he’s more about himself, but I think over is the way to go. There’s still a couple months left in the season,” said Keefe.

Number of trades made by the Red Sox: Over/Under 2.5

“Just straight up trades? I’m going to go under. They could be very busy I think, but when push comes to shove I just can’t see Koji Uehara getting traded. I’m almost positive Jon Lester is not getting traded. There’s rumors teams are interested in Mike Napoli, who I don’t think you should trade. I think it’s going to come down to Jake Peavy and Jonny Gomes. Two trades. I’ll take the under,” said Keefe.

Number of games played by Will Middlebrooks in Boston — not Pawtucket — in 2014: Over/Under 25

“The Red Sox I believe have 67 games remaining. He’s played in 21 games to this point. Playing in more than 25? I think you have to take the under. He’s banged up a lot. This is another one where I’m hoping for the over, but I’m taking the under,” said Keefe.

Number of attendees at the Middlebrooks/Dell wedding: Over/Under 200

“I think Will Middlebrooks is from Texas. Jenny strikes me as a sorority girl. Have you ever been at a wedding where the bride is in a sorority? They have like 30 girls in it. It’s insane. Everything is bigger in Texas, so I think you have to smash the over. Way over 200. I think we’re talking more 300, 400,” said Keefe.

Listen below for the full discussion and leave us your answers in the comments section:


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