BOSTON (CBS) – Every night on The Adam Jones Show, Jones and Rich Keefe take a break from the hard-hitting hot sports takes in a lighter segment called Game Of Jones.

On Wednesdays the guys play “Would You Rather,” in which Jones is asked either/or type questions on various topics.

Here are this week’s questions:

Would you rather be Peter Chiarelli or Danny Ainge heading into this offseason?

“I would rather be Danny Ainge, with the reason being there is less pressure on him right now,” said Jones. “I don’t think he’s feeling much pressure from the ownership, I don’t think he’s feeling much pressure from the fans, and he has a pretty clear path: Trade for Kevin Love, and if you don’t get Love you trade Rajon Rondo for assets and bide your time until the next Kevin Love comes on the market and keep trying to trade for them.”

“He’s in a much more preferable spot,” Jones said of Ainge. “The pressure is on Chiarelli, and I would like to avoid the pressure, even with the better team.”

Would you rather be on 2012 Red Sox or 2014 Red Sox?

“Definitely the 2014 Red Sox,” said Jones. “Make it a simple question: would you rather deal with Bobby Valentine or John Farrell on a day-to-day basis. I don’t have to deal with any of Bobby Valentine’s inane and insane ramblings if I’m on the team this year. Yeah, they’re not very good, but it doesn’t seem like it’s an awful working environment like 2012.”

Would you rather work in Miami or Cleveland sports talk radio?

“I’m going to take the lifestyle out of it; the beaches and the warm weather. That’s not really my market anyways,” said Jones. “Let’s do it strictly on the sports talk, and I think Cleveland is the better town for sports talk. You probably have some genuine frustration, hate, loathing — all these things sports talk is fueled on — [in Cleveland].”

Would you rather live the “Summer of Gronk” or the “Summer of Johnny Football?”

“We all know the summer of Gronk was pretty good, but the summer of Johnny Football? My goodness,” said Jones. “He’s out partying, seemingly, every night of the week. And, no offense to the Gronk clan, but he’s partying with a high level of Super Star; LeBron James, Floyd Mayweather — I have no idea how that half lives; I can’t even fathom how that half lives. I wouldn’t mind checking that out.

“Johnny Football is in another stratosphere.”

Would you rather Eva Mendes or Eva Longoria?

Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria. (Photos by Bryan Bedder and Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Eva Mendes and Eva Longoria. (Photos by Bryan Bedder and Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

“I think it’s pretty easy. Eva Longoria, by all means, is an excellent looking woman, but I think it’s Eva Mendes and I don’t think it’s close,” said Jones.



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