BOSTON (CBS) – The TSA is implementing new rules from flights coming in from overseas that will require passengers to turn on personal electronics such as cellphones, laptops and tablets before boarding a plane.

The new security rules apply to all major airports in Europe and the Middle East, covering all flights headed for the United States.

WBZ security analyst Ed Davis said the crackdown is a sign U.S. officials have fresh concerns about a possible terrorist plot.

“There’s something happening behind the scenes that leads people to believe that this is potentially a threat so when they uncover a threat like this it’s really important to act prudently,” Davis said.

Most passengers who WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith spoke with at Logan International Airport don’t seem to mind the requirement for turning on devices.

‘I’m all for it because when you’re on the plane if something happens like that they’re trying to protect us,” one man remarked.

“I’ve been through more coming through here anyway, so powering up my cellphone would be the least of it,” commented another flyer.

One traveler said he would not be wild about leaving a device behind if it did not power up.

“That’s going to be difficult because there’s been plenty of times my phone has been out of juice at the airport,” the man said.

Anybody whose device is not allowed on board a plane will also be subject to further screening.

“Studying exactly the things that you should be paying attention to as an investigator is something that’s taught at airports across the world,” Davis said.

Right now there are no plans to begin this policy for flights inside the United States or planes leaving the country.




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