HAMPSTEAD, N.H. (CBS) – It’s an unusual restaurant concept, run by a rather eccentric restaurateur.

“People tell us our clam chowder is clam-tastic,” said Lobster Q owner Sean Hopkins.

Lobster Q in Hampstead, N.H. is dedicated to two of New England’s favorite foods: lobster and barbecue.

“People ask us all the time.  Sean why the ‘Q’? Why Lobster Q?  Well remember, we’re seafood and barbe … there you go, Lobster Q.”

Owner Sean Hopkins is a culinary mad scientist who’s created insane specials like smoked bacon wrapped onion rings with Siracha ranch dipping sauce and Pepperidge Farm cheddar cheese Goldfish stuffed lobster!

And you can always get great seafood like steamed hard shell lobsters, oysters on the half shell, and a big ol’ lobster roll.

“It is a very pure lobster roll,” Hopkins explained.  “There’s no messing around with it. And it’s not a tiny little lobster roll.  It’s not a tiny little hot dog roll. It’s a good-sized roll.”

On the “Q” side of the menu, Sean smokes dry-rubbed ribs, pulled pork, and all kinds of meat for hours over mesquite wood, so it’s so flavorful, and you don’t have to drown it with sauce.

“We don’t put sauce on it,” Hopkins said. “Who are we to tell you what kind of sauce you’re going to have? ‘Hey you’re going to have the sweet sauce today. I don’t want the sweet sauce. Yes you’re having sweet sauce.’ I mean c’mon on it doesn’t work that way. I mean I don’t want you to tell me.  Plus the meat is so good, it’s like meat candy.”

“It’s delicious. It’s amazing …. it’s quintessenitally what we do at Lobster Q,” said Hopkins.

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