By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV New Hampshire Bureau Chief

SEABROOK, N.H. (CBS) – Many fourth of July revelers had to hold off on their fireworks displays because of the weather.

The rain also gave shoppers a chance to load up on even more fireworks. Despite laws restricting fireworks in Massachusetts, that doesn’t stop everyone from making the drive north to New Hampshire where fireworks are legal.

“This is like a candy store for a kid for a middle-age man like myself,” said Nick Piti of Rochester, Mass.

Piti said he knows the law and will take the fireworks to Maine.

At Phantom Fireworks in Seabrook, business is booming this season after sales dipped last year following the Boston Marathon bombings.

Despite road signs reminding drivers heading north that bringing fireworks to Massachusetts is illegal, there were plenty of Massachusetts customers spending a lot of money.

“A lot of people were afraid of that last year,” said April Walton, manager at Phantom Fireworks. “Even though they were all still there this year, I think pretty much nobody paid attention to them.”

The warnings didn’t stop Jason, who understandably declined to give his last name, from making the trek to put on a show in Lynn.

“No, I don’t care,” said Jason. “I’m not worried about it.”

Even though fireworks are legal in New Hampshire, local communities can make restrictions or ban them altogether.

Several New Hampshire towns prohibit fireworks and some even require a permit.

Despite a variety of rules in New Hampshire and the ban in Massachusetts, Phantom is expecting triple the sales over last season.


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