PEABODY (CBS) – “Speechless” is how a Peabody mother describes her reaction to finding that someone had returned a number of mementos that had been taken from her daughter’s grave site at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Peabody.

Last week, Annmarie Scheiding discovered somebody had taken angel figurines, stuffed animals and other items from her daughter’s grave site.

Days after a public plea for their return, Scheiding reported that

“I just pulled up to Stephanie’s garden and I saw a brown bag tied with twine,” her post on Facebook said.

Scheiding said she first thought the bag was trash, but saw a wing sticking out and assumed someone had dropped off replacements.

“I opened it to find that they are Stephanie’s, the ones that where stolen. I am once again speechless standing (in) the cemetery crying,” she added.

Scheiding’s daughter, Stephanie, was 10 years old when she died 10 years ago from a rare form of kidney disease.



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