BOSTON (CBS) — If there’s one thing hockey players are known for (beyond their obvious toughness), it’s their ability to talk trash. As players are getting mic’d up on the ice more and more often, we’ve all gotten a glimpse of just how nasty the verbal barbs can get in the heat of the battle.

Apparently, that gene never takes a break for hockey players, even when they’re on the phone with the President of the United States.

New York native Dustin Brown received a fairly important phone call this week, as Barack Obama called the Kings’ captain to congratulate him and the organization on winning the Stanley Cup. The Kings posted the video to their website, and in it, Obama offered his sincere praise of what was an exciting postseason run.

“That was a great series,” Obama said, referring to the Kings’ five-game win over the New York Rangers. “Although, I guess if you’re a New Yorker, maybe not so much.”

Brown then interjected.

“Or a Chicago fan,” Brown said.

Brown made the Chicago comment, of course, because the Kings defeated the Blackhawks in an epic seven-game series in the Western Conference finals. Brown himself assisted on the goal that tied Game 7 in the third period, and the Kings went on to win in overtime.

The dig clearly landed on Obama, a proud supporter of Chicago sports teams.

“See, I don’t know why you had to go there,” Obama said.

Still, the leader of the free world was able to acknowledge the Kings’ greatness.

“You guys seem to just know how to pull out overtime games,” Obama said. “It was an unbelievable run that you guys had, and it’s been great to watch what you’ve done with the Kings, but also in the Olympics, and I just want to say how proud I am to see how you’ve represented the U.S. in Sochi and the sportsmanship you demonstrated as a leader on Team USA. So congratulations on a pretty good year.”


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