BURLINGTON (CBS) – It was a dream Fourth of July for a very sick 5-year-old from Billerica.

That’s because little Dougie Davis is crazy about firefighters and wants to be one when he grows up.

Friday, because of the kindness of the Burlington Fire Department, Dougie got his chance.

“I’m getting a ride on a firetruck,” Dougie said, decked out in official-looking firefighter gear, a gift from the Burlington Fire Department.

Dougie has wanted to be a firefighter since, well, forever. And today Burlington made him an honorary chief with a starring role in the town’s July Fourth parade.

“I brought it back to the station, talked to all the guys and it just snowballed from there into something really special,” said Burlington firefighter Paul Kadilak, one of the organizers of Friday’s special treat for Dougie.

A couple of years ago Dougie’s parents could see something was wrong with him.  They didn’t accept it when they were told that Dougie had behavioral problems or was bipolar.

Last year, they finally got an accurate diagnosis — a brian tumor.  An 8-hour surgery didn’t work and now Dougie is on the hard road of cancer treatment.

“He has scheduled chemotherapy. It could go on until March,” said Dougie’s mom, Angela Whalen Davis.

But Friday that was set aside as Dougie basked in the attention of real firefighters.

“I think it means everything. I think he’s not going to stop talking about it for a long time and it’s going to be hard to get this new gear off him,” said his mom.

“He has good days and bad. Chemo definitely puts a toll on him, but he’s doing really good. He’s pulling through,” said Dougie’s father, Rich Davis.

A fund has been set up to help the family. Visit the Douglas Davis Fund website or checks can be mailed to:

Douglas Davis Fund
PO Box 2523
Woburn, MA   01888



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