BOSTON (CBS) — As owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft benefits from certain perks, such as a field pass to Patriots games and access to all the exclusive events held inside Gillette Stadium. As a former season ticket holder, he’s also a man of the people, so when he attends these events, it’s not uncommon to see him mingling among the masses.

That much was true on Tuesday night, when Jay-Z and Beyonce performed at Gillette Stadium as part of their “On The Run” Tour.

The two superstars are one of the biggest draws in the country, so clearly, it was not a concert that Kraft wanted to miss.

And one fan — Instagram user “@steviedrama” — happened to run into Kraft, and he happened to have his cell phone video rolling as the 73-year-old brushed his shoulders off in a mini dance-off with Rob Gronkowski.

(The shoulder brush move, for those not as hip as Kraft to what the kids are listening to these days, is from Jay-Z’s 2003 song “Dirt Off Your Shoulders.” In it, Jay-Z urges you to “get that dirt off your shoulder.” Clearly, Bob Kraft listens.)

It was a full-on Patriots affair, too, as the same Instagram user found Chandler Jones at the concert.

Kraft has become friendly with Jay-Z and Beyonce, as he and Ricki Lander spent some time with the hip-hop power couple in January at Jay-Z’s pre-Grammy party.

And while Kraft has shown a little bit of improvement since he first put his dance moves on display back in February 2002, it would be hard for anyone to match the dancing prowess of one Mr. Rob Gronkowski.

Yet again, for the millionth night in a row, nobody had a better time than Rob Gronkowski.


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