By Joe Shortsleeve, WBZ-TV's Chief Correspondent

BOSTON (CBS) – They were playing happy tunes at Faneuil Hall on Wednesday.

A rock band performed as tourists jammed the marketplace. But all eyes were on Friday, the 4th of July, a mega day for tourist spending.

Jeff Campanelli is a manager for Bean Town Trolley. He worried about the rain.

“You only have May through October, and once you lose a weekend it really kills you,” said Campanelli.

When it comes to harbor cruises, July 4 is the biggest day of the year. But if the forecast holds true, owner Alison Nolan is expecting many cancellations.

“I think most likely that anything that runs offshore we will cancel Friday. So, the whale watch, Salem ferry and Provincetown ferry is also questionable. But, most likely the whale watch will be the first item to be cancelled,” Nolan said.

Pat Moscaritolo of the Convention and Visitors Bureau says day trippers may cancel, but not others.

“The people who are coming from hundreds of miles away will say, ‘Hey, this is only five or six hours out of four days that I plan to be in Boston. I can deal with it,” Moscaritolo said.

The U.S.S. Constitution always draws a big crowd on the morning of the 4th . Commander Sean Kearns says he expects to be sailing Friday.

“So we will continue to watch that forecast and if it holds true and we are just looking at showers or light rain, then we will go,” Kearns said.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is also watching the weather closely.

“Other than that storm which is heading up the coast, it seems like it is going to be good after that. We had a good stretch this week and hopefully that continues, and that storm takes a sharp right and goes somewhere else,” Walsh said.



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