BOSTON (CBS) – A children’s chorus that is no stranger to big events will take the stage on the Esplanade on July 3. The Boston Children’s Chorus brings huge talent and international experience to the celebration.

These kids have seen the world. Now the world is going to see them.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports

“I’ll be one of the older people, hopefully not crying, but no promises,” Marlon Matthews, a founding member of the Boston Children’s Chorus says. He is one of 70 kids warming up for a massive spotlight for the Spectacular.

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“Just looking out into the audience and seeing so many people, the adrenaline rush is indescribable,” Ella Williams says.

Williams, an eight-year choir vet, will join Marlon on stage for their final performance together. “I’m sad to be spending my last days with the chorus but it’s a bittersweet moment,” she says.

It’s a moment they’ve felt before. In 2007, the chorus performed with the Boston Pops at the Hatch Shell. Now recent high school graduates, they’ve traveled the globe together.

“Singing together in a chorus really does bring people together in a way that nothing else does,” Williams says.

In Mexico, Jordan, the UK or Cambodia, the chorus learned some things are universal.

“When the music transcends language, transcends whatever it is you believe in, when that happens, that’s my favorite part,” Matthews says.

Their director says he couldn’t pick a better time for these kids to shine.

“There’s a lot of legacy that is around, around the country that people know about so absolutely it’s big to be a part of it,” Anthony Trecek-King said.

The Pops are kind of lucky to get the chorus to perform with them. Their calendar stays pretty full. This time next year they’ll be touring Europe with performances in Prague and Berlin.



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