By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

RUMNEY, NH (CBS) – The beauty of Stinson Lake marred by murder.

“It makes me really sad that this really bucolic setting was just destroyed for a lot of us the other day,” said Susan Dellacamera, who lives along the lake.

A local chiropractor, Dr. David Landseadel, was killed by a gunshot to the head over the weekend.

“The investigation so far has revealed that he was in an altercation with another adult male who was known to him and that’s what led to the shooting,” said Senior Assistant New Hampshire Attorney General Janice Rundles. “There is some history as we understand it.”

Those who live along the lake say the shooter was another neighbor, and the two men had argued in the past over dock space.

“It’s a little isolated up here…sometimes we feel we’re part of a Stephen King novel or something,” said Tim Lewis, Vice President of the Stinson Lake Homeowners Association.

Lewis says about 15 families share a confined space and spats over access to the lake is common.

“Sometimes toes are stepped on and not everybody can live happily in close quarters,” said Lewis. “It’s just a lot of people concentrated on a small area and they have deeded access to the lake and everybody wants to use the lake as they should up here.”

Landseadel, 48, ran a clinic in nearby Plymouth where signs on the door say because of the tragedy the business is closed.

Prosecutors say they know who killed the doctor on the serene shores of Stinson Lake, but so far no charges.

“There’s always a possibility when you have an altercation that results in a death we always have to look at the possibility of self-defense,” said Rundles. “We have to look into the background of what caused this, we need to try and determine exactly what happened.”


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