BOSTON (CBS) – The United States Men’s National Team advanced out of the Group of Death and now are set to take on Belgium in the Round of 16 on Tuesday afternoon.

Belgium, a country with a population of just 11 million, is the favorite tomorrow to beat the United States, a nation with well over 300 million people.

The US team has already defied the odds, and making it out of a group consisting of Germany, Portugal and Ghana is quite the accomplishment. That being said, don’t blow it now and lose to Belgium.

Here’s the back and forth that took place Monday on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger & Massarotti program with Michael Felger, Marc Bertrand and Rich Keefe:

Felger: We’re going to lose to Belgium? What is Belgium?

Bertrand: I know very little about Belgium.

Felger: It’s a nothing country. Does anybody ever go to Belgium? Who the hell goes to Belgium?

Keefe: You know who’s from Belgium right? Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Felger: What do they speak in Belgium?

Keefe: Belgium. Belgian?

Felger: According to their Wiki page they speak Dutch, French and German.

Keefe: Isn’t Belgian chocolate really good? Chocolate and waffles.

Bertrand: What does it mean to be a Belgian waffle as opposed to a regular waffle? Like, how did Belgium lay claim to waffles?

Felger: It’s just an annoying, piss-ant country. I would hate losing to Belgium. I could get losing to Germany or Italy, or some other soccer country you can identify with, but what do you identify with Belgium? Like what’s a major city in Belgium?

Keefe: Brussels.

Felger: See!  You’re cheating! How do you know that?

Keefe: Because Jean-Claude Van Damme is The Muscles From Brussels.



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