BOSTON (CBS) – There was a lot of turmoil at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Boston on Saturday.

A bright yellow line at the clinic marking the 35-foot buffer zone remains at the site but it no longer has legal standing at this or any other abortion clinic in Massachusetts.

Advocates on both sides of the abortion issue showed up in force after the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday struck down the law designating the buffer zones to keep protesters 35 feet away from clinics.

Dozens of abortion opponents demonstrated but still kept their distance out of respect for women visiting the clinic.

“Even though the line was taken off, we’re still gonna respect the line,” said abortion opponent Antonella Carillo.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe

Clinic volunteers worried the protests would affect patients.

“I am concerned that people will not get the care they need and deserve,” said clinic volunteer Sarah Cyr-Mutty.

The demonstration by opponents angered some abortion-rights supporters and clinic volunteers were available to escort women into the clinic.

“It’s really frustrating to see that the right of somebody to get up in somebody’s face and partake in that intimidating and harassing behavior trumps somebody’s right to access healthcare,” Cyr-Mutty said.

Ruth Schiavone said she’s a sidewalk counselor trying to convince women that abortion is wrong. She says crossing the buffer zone will help her cause.

“Ya know, I think it’s very important to try and talk to her intimately and say ‘Honey, don’t do this to yourself. You will be so sorry’,” Schiavone said.

Gov. Deval Patrick said the state is looking at its options to prevent women from being confronted as they enter clinics. Attorney General Martha Coakley said she will begin work to craft a new state law.



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