BOSTON (CBS) – Kobe, soon-to-be 13, and Kavin, 12, are athletic brothers of Caucasian descent who both enjoy the outdoors. They are currently living in the same residential home, where they receive the structure and support they need. They would love to be placed together in an adoptive family. Their social worker would also consider placing them in separate homes, if they could remain in regular contact with one another.

Kobe is a sweet and caring child who wants to be a contributing member of a family. Outgoing at times and shy at others, Kobe can be guarded about what he shares. When outside, he loves to play basketball, football, climb trees and engage in imaginative play. Inside, he likes to play with action figures, building sets and video games. He is a hard worker and likes physical work, including gardening and wood working. He attends a therapeutic school at his residential program near Boston. He has an Individualized Education Plan to address sensory issues, delays in global and language processing and comprehension. He also experienced trauma resulting from his early history of separation loss and abuse.

Kavin excels at all sports, but is especially good at basketball and bike riding. He enjoys music, especially rap music, and he also likes to break dance. Kavin is very bright and does well academically. He does have an Individualized Education Plan for his social and emotional needs. Kavin does well with adult attention and relates best to adult males. He often struggles with peer relationships. Kavin warms up slowly to new people and often presents as distant when first meeting him. He has a chronic blood disorder that requires he have blood testing every other week.

Legally free for adoption, Kobe and Kavin would do a two-parent family with a male parent or single dad with no other children or much older children. Their social worker recommends a slow and planned transition during which time the prospective adoptive family takes on a role as a visiting resource for an extended period of time prior to placement. The boys will need to maintain their connection to their grandmother and also have occasional contact with their former foster family.

To learn more about Kavin and Kobe, and about adoption from foster care, call the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 617-54-ADOPT (617-542-3678) or visit The sooner you call, the sooner a waiting child will have “a permanent place to call HOME.”



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