BOSTON (CBS) – All the Hollywood stars traveled to Las Vegas for the NHL Awards Tuesday night, including such A-listers as Matisyahu, David Boreanaz, Michael Vartan, Whoopi Goldberg, James Lipton, Pia Toscano and George Stroumboulopoulos.

But perhaps the biggest name in attendance was none other than Cuba Gooding Jr.

The Oscar winner presented multiple awards and was on stage for a good five minutes, but his short appearance certainly left his mark on the two-hour special.

To put it simply: Cuba Gooding Jr. lost his mind. Legitimately.

He was yelling, screaming and just super pumped to be there, and while giving out a community award to Andrew Ference he even made a suggestive advance on the former Bruins wife — but that’s just the beginning.

It gets a lot crazier.

ROLL THE CLIP and listen below!



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