BOSTON (CBS) – A Boston woman who was expected to be charged in the crash that killed a couple on Beacon Street Saturday night had her arraignment postponed Tuesday afternoon because of “conflicting information” in the case, authorities said.

Ghuzlan Alghazali, 26, of Allston, was arrested Monday night and was set to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on two counts of motor vehicle homicide, one count of negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and one count of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. Alghazali has been released while investigators gather more evidence.

Alghazali did not have a driver’s license, sources told WBZ-TV.

Investigators said she and her husband were in an SUV when they ran a red light, hit a car and then rolled their SUV over, striking 28-year-old John Lanzillotti and 27-year-old Jessica Campbell of Brookline.

Jessica Campbell and Jack Lanzillotti. (Facebook photo)

Jessica Campbell and Jack Lanzillotti. (Facebook photo)

Lanzillotti died at the scene and Campbell passed away at the hospital.

Sources said police were looking to charge Alghazali’s husband, Mohamed Alfageeh, for lying to them.

Alfageeh allegedly told investigators he was driving the SUV at the time of the crash. Alfageeh had a license, but as a result of what happened, it is now suspended.

Jake Wark, the spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, said Tuesday afternoon, Alghazali’s arraignment was postponed Tuesday afternoon because there’s still some question about who was driving the vehicle that struck Campbell and Lanzillotti.

“Because interviews through the past 48 hours have yielded certain conflicting information, police and prosecutors have agreed that the investigation would be best served by postponing any arraignment until further canvassing and evidentiary analysis are complete,” Wark said in a statement.

“We’ve advised the Campbell and Lanzillotti families of this decision and assured them that every step we take in this probe is with the intention of seeing justice done for them and their loved ones.”



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