BOSTON (CBS) – Two brothers convicted of attempting to scam $2 million from the Boston Marathon bombing victims’ fund were sentenced to three years in prison and 468 hours of community service.

Branden Mattier, 23, and Domunique Grice, 28, submitted a fake claim using the name of an aunt who has been dead for 10 years. They claimed she had lost two legs in the April 2013 bombings.

The pair were convicted this month of conspiracy to commit larceny and attempt to commit larceny. Mattier also was convicted of identity fraud.

Prosecutors say the two put together a calculated plan to defraud the One Fund and intended to fund a lavish lifestyle with the funds, including the purchase of a Mercedes Benz.

Grice and Mattier both apologized in court.

“I was raised to stand up to everything that I might be a result of my actions and I am fully aware and I want to say that I am sorry for my involvement in the situation,” Grice told the court.

“I just want to apologize to the people before me — my family, my mom, my daughter,” Mattier said. “It really hurts to have to be in front of you to explain this to you.”

Suffolk Superior County Judge Jeffrey Locke called their actions “almost sociopathic”

He gave both men a choice between longer prison sentences or the shorter sentence plus the 468 hours of community service.

After they serve the prison terms, the community service will involve helping the physically or mentally challenged.

Mattier and Grice are appealing the case.


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