BOSTON (CBS) – As the Metro SWAT team pulled out of Watertown after the successful manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects in April 2013, the team was overwhelmed by the men and women who stood along the roads cheering for them.

Boston was certainly strong.

Immediately, the SWAT team members knew they wanted to do something to give back to the community that was so good to them.

A few months later, they threw together a fitness competition for first responders at Gillette Stadium. It was small, but successful. It raised a good amount of money for charity.

But this year, they’re back with something much bigger and much better.

This September, they hope to have a whopping 1,000 competitors tackling an incredible course of endurance at Gillette.

From running stadium steps to carrying a 200 pound dummy on a stretcher to the top of stadium to pulling an armored vehicle with a rope, Metro SWAT hopes the 2014 New England Fitness Challenge will be a day to remember.

During 12 hours of grueling competition, the organizers hope to raise lots of money for Special Olympics, The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation and Jack Williams’ Wednesday Child.

The event is actually in the overnight hours (because SWAT teams need to be ready at any time!) of September 27th and 28th at Gillette Stadium.

To sign up a team go to



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