ONSET (CBS) – It’s good news for summer lovers: the Cape Cod Quahog is predicting 93.6 days of sunny beach weather this year.

“It will only be dark and stormy at the bars!” Doug the Quahog is alleged to have said during Saturday’s 6th Annual Quahog Day ceremony in Onset.

“Doug,” Cape Cod’s official quahog, has served as the groundhog’s unofficial summertime counterpart since 2009. The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce conceived him after growing tired of taking tourists calls asking what the weather would be like months in advance of their vacations.

The quahog is at the center of a yearly ceremony that includes the pomp and circumstance of an escort by the harbormaster shooting water cannons, and a red carpet flanked by a black-suited security detail armed with clamming rakes.

For more information on Quahog Day, visit www.quahogday.com.



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