BOSTON (CBS) – The idea of sending U.S. troops back to Iraq is not a popular one. Polls show a majority of Americans want to help Iraq but not with U.S. blood on the line.

That sentiment was voiced on Boston Common yesterday where demonstrators from several area organizations, including Veterans for Peace and Mass. Peace Action, gathered to express their concerns about U.S. involvement in the Iraq conflict.

As Islamic militants move closer to Baghdad, President Obama is sending in 300 U.S. military advisers who will train Iraqi soldiers to battle the insurgents. But members of Congress, including the Bay State’s Sen. Edward Markey, say the president must justify the move back onto Iraqi soil.

“I’m looking forward to those meetings with the president and with his administration advisers so that we can ensure that nothing that happens leads to American combat troops on the ground in Iraq.”

U.S. aircraft and drones are flying over Iraq on reconnaissance missions 24 hours a day, but so far, the president has not authorized actual air strikes.



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