BOSTON (CBS) — Thursday night means it’s time for some Role Play on The Adam Jones Show’s Game Of Jones!

Here are the questions:

You are LeBron James — what are you going to do: Stay in Miami or leave?

“You ever been to South Beach? It’s pretty nice,” Jones said as Lebron. “I’ve already left a spot, Cleveland, to team up with everyone else… I’ve been pretty successful since I’ve been here winning MVPs and Championships. I don’t need to leave or team up with someone somewhere else, I need people coming to me. Or at least, people should be coming to South Beach and teaming up with me.

“They should be begging to come play with me in Miami. So hell no, I’m not leaving South Beach.”

You are Flip Saunders – Honestly, what is best trade offer you’ve received for Kevin Love?

“The best offer I received is the best offer to tear it down and rebuild. We’ve come to the realization that we need to rebuild in Minnesota,” said Flip. “The best offer for what we should do here in Minnesota is from the Celtics. They have more draft picks than anyone else in the league, they have some decent young players I’m not crazy about, but whatever. I value the draft picks, the cap space and a trade exception. To me, that’s the best offer, it’s just a matter if I can leverage a few other things out of Danny Ainge. That’s why I’m dragging my feet.”

– You are U.S. soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann – Who starts in place of Jozy Altidore and why?

“We’re going to start Landon Donovan,” Jones joked at first. “Honestly, since you’ve given me the truth serum, [Donovan] should be on the team… Who are we going to start? I guess Chris Wondolowski. He scored a bunch of goals in qualifying and the MLS, and he’s the closest thing to Jozy Altidore as far as a big target and a guy who can hold up the play and let guys get the pitch.”

You are Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder – If you have to change the Redskins name, what would you change it to?

“Can I change it to just ‘Skins?'” he asked.

“What’s your logo, sunscreen?” asked Keefe.

– You are Dodgers radio man Vin Scully – You called Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter last night, his first but the 20th you’ve called. Are you still impressed by a no-hitter? (Or do you have a favorite, or don’t care)?

“I’ve seen everything in this game over my 50, 60+ years — I lose track at this point. Nothing gets me jazzed up at this point,” Jones said as Scully.

Listen to Game Of Jones below:



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