Toucher & Rich

BOSTON (CBS) –  The World Cup is in full swing, and the entire globe has some World Cup fever.

With all of the excitement going on, Naughty Massarotti wanted to get in on the party.

Naughty Mazz made his triumphant return to Toucher & Rich on Friday morning, just in time to cash in on World Cup fever.

In this edition, the BBWAA member-turned-naughty speaker read some futbol-centric lines, and the caller had to guess which international beauties Mazz was describing.

Unfortunately, Contestant No. 1 didn’t fare so well — he just couldn’t read through the complicated tales, or perhaps he got lost in the dreamy baritone of Naughty Mazz’s voice.

Listen below to hear if Contestant No. 2 fared any better, and also stay tuned for the classic Naughty Mazz outtakes at the end.

Listen to Naughty Mazz:



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