WAREHAM (CBS) – Two police officers are under investigation for a confrontation inside a Wareham home on Wednesday.

It all started when a resident called police saying there was an unattended baby in the front yard of the home on Camardo Drive.

“When the cops came in they found her in the house with me,” said Trudy Phillips, the girl’s grandmother. “So you came for abandonment child, you found her in the house with me.”

Officers George Chandler and John Verhagen arrived and began questioning the family. That’s when Rich Phillips picked up his phone and started recording.

“That’s when he aggressively struck my mother in the face and forced entry,” Rich Phillips said.

The officer tried to grab the cellphone and 58-year-old Trudy Phillips was struck in the head.

“If it was an accident he should have been a gentleman and said I’m sorry,” Trudy Phillips said.

But Trudy’s son is not so forgiving.

“Honestly he was out of control I can’t speak to what was going through that man’s mind,” Rich Phillips said.

A source in the neighborhood told WBZ-TV that police did not want to leave the home because they were concerned for the welfare of the three-year-old inside.

Wareham Police Chief Kevin Walsh says they will investigate the entire incident. “We’ll reserve comment until I can assess all the intricacies of the investigation,” Chief Walsh said Thursday.

The Phillips family says they were not trying to goad the police officers into something edgy.

“We still have rights in this country, this is not a police state,” Rich Phillips said.

After the incident, Wareham Police shared the history of police calls made to the home. There have been 63 police visits over the past 14 years for a range of issues including domestic disturbance, welfare checks, and assault and battery.



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