BOSTON (CBS) — Picking up after your dog is never fun, but it’s something we all have to do as part of the moral fabric of society.

Some people don’t like to clean up that mess though, and it makes those left with a pile of poo on their yard very (understandably) upset.

On Wednesday night’s edition of Keefer Madness, Rich Keefe brings us out to California, where a town’s mayor gets caught on video throwing dog poop onto a resident’s front lawn.

The mayor was reportedly upset that a gentleman has a “No Poop Zone” sign on his yard. So the mayor, who doesn’t even own a dog, threw a bag of waste onto the guy’s yard. But the bad news for the mayor is there was video surveillance of the poop toss, and he was forced to resign.

Keefe and Adam Jones break the whole story down on the newest edition of Keefer Madness:


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