BOSTON (CBS) – Former NFL veteran and Sports Hub personality Jermaine Wiggins has an opinion on everything, but he was a no-show on Wednesday so Tony Massarotti and Marc Bertrand had to fill in.

Here are the 10 questions:

10. If you played soccer, and you chose to follow the trend and go with one name, what would it be?

9. I checked for Wiggy and found the following headline: “Mexican Reporter Vanessa Huppenkothen Has Internet Going Nuts (Photos).”  She is neither chocolate, nor thick. Do you believe Wiggy would approve?

8. Does Shawn Thornton being sent on his way by the Bruins tell you the enforcer is being phased out of hockey? And if so, is that a good thing?

7. You’ve heard my conspiracy theory: Boston, the Kraft Family and other powerful billionaires are mobilizing a huge bid that would see a downtown development and an Olympic-style stadium that would account for some combination of Olympics in 2024, World Cup in 2022, and Super Bowl down the road and potential stadiums for the Pats and Revs. As Bostonians, do you want this?

6. Should countries be able to use foreign-born, foreign-raised players on their national teams?

5. Mazz Word On The Street: “Wazzup holmes? Ditched the dog and hit the links. Skippin out laytah to catch Junior shine on the diamond. Peace out.” Please translate.

4. Do you guys have a secret sports-viewing passion that we don’t know about?

3. The U.S. Patent Office has cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark saying the nickname is disparaging of Native Americans.  Should the Redskins change their name?

2. Who wins the NBA title next year?

1. If your son could only play one sport, soccer or football, which one would you recommend he play? Would you prevent him from playing either one?

Listen below:



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