BOSTON (CBS) – The Spurs and Tim Duncan won their fifth NBA title Sunday night, beating the Heat 104-87 in Game 5 of a seven game series.

The majority of basketball fans rejoiced because LeBron James’ legacy took another hit as he fell to 2-3 all time on the game’s biggest stage, but it wasn’t that long ago when fans held San Antonio in that same regard.

When the Spurs won their first four titles playoffs ratings plummeted, and Greg Popovich was branded as developing a “boring” style of play. Remember that? Of course you do. But now everybody waking up Monday morning is a Spurs fan because of their disdain for the King and the Big 3.

Andy Gresh and Scott Zolak opened their show Monday talking about the Finals and whether the outcome is a good thing for the league. Both had differing views.

For Celtics fans, Zo believes the Spurs winning is a good sign.

“This is good for the NBA. This is good for coaching. If you’re part of a hardcore, Celtics fan base right now and you’re trying to get behind the team aspect and the coaching aspect of it, [the Spurs winning] is good for Brad Stevens. This is good for your Celtics moving forward,” said Zo.

Gresh interjected, “I’m not so sure about that.”

“This outcome is good for the NBA,” said Zo.

“The story is not the Spurs won, and that Greg Popovich is a five-time champion and should go down as a legendary coach. That’s not the narrative today. It’s an after thought. There will be more coverage of what’s going to happen in Miami then there will be the championship parade in San Antonio,” said Gresh. “I think the super teams are good for the NBA.”

The Spurs won, but is that what’s best for the NBA? Or would it have been Miami getting the three-peat?

Listen below for the full discussion:



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