BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston Bruins’ 2013-14 season ended in great disappointment, but the folks in Las Vegas are expecting a strong recovery next season.

Bovada released its odds for Stanley Cup winner in 2015, and the Bruins were deemed to be the team with the second-best odds of winning it all.

The Chicago Blackhawks have 7-to-1 odds to win the Cup in ’15, while the Bruins have 8-to-1 odds.

The Los Angeles Kings, who over the weekend won their second Stanley Cup in four years, have 9-to-1 odds of repeating next year.

The second-best odds in the Eastern Conference belong to the Pittsburgh Penguins at 10-to-1.

The Montreal Canadiens, who eliminated the Bruins in seven games in the second round, have 20-to-1 odds to win it all next season.

Of the 10 teams with the best Vegas odds of winning the ’15 Cup, seven play in the Western Conference. The defending Eastern Conference-champion New York Rangers have 16-to-1 odds.

The biggest longshot to win the Stanley Cup next year? That would be the Buffalo Sabres at 100-to-1. That’s significantly worse than the closest team, the Florida Panthers at 75-to-1. The Calgary Flames, Carolina Hurricanes, Nashville Predators and New York Islanders round out the bottom, all with 66-to-1 odds.

Odds to win 2015 Stanley Cup, via Bovada:

1. Chicago Blackhawks, 7-to-1
2. Boston Bruins, 8-to-1
3. Los Angeles Kings, 9-to-1
4. Pittsburgh Penguins, 10-to-1
5. St. Louis Blues, 12-to-1
6. Anaheim Ducks, 14-to-1
6. San Jose Sharks, 14-to-1
8. New York Rangers, 16-to-1
9. Colorado Avalanche, 18-to-1
10. Minnesota Wild, 20-to-1
10. Montreal Canadiens, 20-to-1
12. Detroit Red Wings, 22-to-1
13. Tampa Bay Lightning, 25-to-1
13. Vancouver Canucks, 25-to-1
15. Philadelphia Flyers, 28-to-1
16. Dallas Stars, 33-to-1
16. Toronto Maple Leafs, 33-to-1
16. Washington Capitals, 33-to-1
19. Columbus Blue Jackets, 40-to-1
19. New Jersey Devils, 40-to-1
21. Edmonton Oilers, 50-to-1
21. Ottawa Senators, 50-to-1
21. Phoenix Coyotes, 50-to-1
21. Winnipeg Jets, 50-to-1
25. Calgary Flames, 66-to-1
25. Carolina Hurricanes, 66-to-1
25. Nashville Predators, 66-to-1
25. New York Islanders, 66-to-1
29. Florida Panthers, 75-to-1
30. Buffalo Sabres, 100-to-1



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