WATERTOWN (CBS) – Police say they discovered a small meth lab inside a home in Watertown on Friday.

Neighbors called authorities to complain about a strange smell. When arriving investigators realized what they were dealing with, federal, state and local authorities were called to the home on Winter Street.

Hazmat teams were also called in to deal with the situation. Crews spent hours sifting through potential evidence, even going through the trash.

The person who lives in the home, Kyle Tushall, 31, was arrested.

But he’s currently only facing charges for assault and battery on a police officer. Police say he tried to charge through officers as they converged on the scene.

WBZ-TV cameras captured his arrest.

“The individual showed up here at the scene while we were obtaining the search warrant and he tried to push through the officers so he was put under arrest for assault and battery on a police officer at the time,” Watertown police Lt. Michael Lawn.

Tushall is expected to face additional charges.

Among those who witnessed the scene was Kevin McGovern, who works nearby. He said he thought the scene was so incredible that it had to be fake.

“I didn’t think it was real,” he said. “People asked me, I said they must be like filming a movie. It’s kind of weird.”


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