BOSTON (CBS) — Every night on The Adam Jones Show, Jones and Rich Keefe take a break from the hard-hitting hot sports takes in a lighter segment called Game Of Jones.

On Wednesdays the guys play Would You Rather,” in which Jones is asked either/or type questions on various topics.

Here are the questions:

– Would you rather see the U.S. win the World Cup or the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year?

“I would love to see the U.S. win the World Cup, though Klinsmann has already told us it’s impossible. I would love that, but I want the Patriots to win a Super Bowl so badly,” said Jones. “I want to see Brady go out on top and get at least one more Super Bowl.”

– Would you rather have Derek Fisher’s NBA career (five titles) or John Stockton’s (Hall of Famer but no rings)?

“I’d rather have Stockton’s career, because I’m really good and made some NBA Finals. But Fisher had a very underrated NBA career,” said Jones. “The titles are impressive, but you’re talking about a guy who really mattered on a team and a guy who was sort of on for the ride in Derek Fisher.”

– Would you rather have Martin St. Louis and a loss in the Cup Final (assuming) or Ryan Callahan and two first-round picks?

“You have St. Louis for next year, and I don’t know if you would have been able to keep Callahan. I still like the idea of going all-in for a guy like St. Louis, and I don’t know how effective those firstr-round picks are going to be; we’ve seen the Bruins time and again whiff on first-round picks” said Jones. “I like that deal for the Rangers. We’ll see what happens with that team next season.”

– Would you rather give up beer or burritos for the rest of your life?

“You’re talking about two staples of my diet,” said Jones. “I think I could go without a burrito. I don’t want to, trust me…. But I don’t know if I want to go without beer. That’s a tough one; I don’t want to give up burritos and would probably regret the decision, but I couldn’t give up beer.”

– Diane Lane or Sharon Stone (now and 1992)?

Sharon Stone and Diane Lane (Photos by Chris Jackson and Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Sharon Stone and Diane Lane (Photos by Chris Jackson and Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

“In ’92 I’m taking Stone, now I’m taking Lane,” said Jones. “I might even take Lane now over Stone in 1992. I feel like she’s gotten better looking.”

Listen below and play along:




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