Sean Gentille of Sporting News joined Adam Jones on 98.5 The Sports Hub to discuss topics on the Boston Bruins and the NHL.

First, the Bruins are currently in negotiations with Jarome Iginla for a contract extension. Is that a fit that made enough sense to continue for another year?

“Yeah, I think it’s a good fit,” he said. “I think Iginla looked much more like himself with Boston than he did the season before with the Flames and then with the Penguins. They’d be wise to certainly err on the side of shortness when it comes time to talking about that contract. … He certainly helped some things fall into place, and I think it’s a good move for everybody involved.”

What changes or tweaks might be made for the Bruins?

“I think they could use a piece defensively, that’s not a secret,” he said. “You look at a guy like Keith Yandle and a guy like Alex Edler, and those are serious pieces to add and those are serious long-term contracts for both of them. … You have to account for cap space when you potentially add pieces like that. Yandle’s great, Edler’s really good, but they’re also really expensive, and that has to be a consideration.”

Gentille also discussed the possibility of the Bruins using a compliance buyout, the Kings’ being the NHL’s premier franchise, and more. Listen below.



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