The Adam Jones Show

BOSTON (CBS) – It was an over/under Tuesday on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.”

In this edition, Jones and Rich Keefe go Over/Under with the following topics:

– Number of wins on the season for Jake Peavy at seasons end: 7.5

“Is this wins for the Red Sox? Or wins in general?” Jones asked, hinting at a possible trade. “I’m still going over. He hasn’t been very good. He’s not pitching well. But go back and look at his track record. He’s a guy that’s traditionally winning 10, 12 games per year. You can win games and not pitch very well. I think the wins will start to pile up, but I don’t know how much better he’ll be as a starting pitcher.”

– Number of touchdowns from Patriots tight ends this year: 9.5

“I’m gonna go over. I’m pretty bullish on Rob Gronkowski having a huge year when he’s back. I think he’ll start the year on the PUP list [physically unable to perform] — that’s what I’m bracing for. If he misses the first six weeks and plays 10 games I feel like he can have eight touchdowns, and then you’d just need one more here or there from Michael Hoomanawanui. Who knows? Maybe they bring in [Jermichael] Finley or [Dustin] Keller and they catch a couple too. I will say over,” said Jones.

– Number of NBA titles for LeBron James when he retires: 6

“I’m gonna say under. Even if the Heat take care of business in this NBA Finals, which I think they will, he’s only halfway there. Is he going to get another three-peat and have another late career rejuvenation like Kobe Bryant, or to a lesser degree Michael Jordan? I’ll take the under on six. I don’t think this one will be his last one let me put it like that,” said Jones.

– Number of Triple Crowns in Steve Coburn’s lifetime from now on: .5

“I’m gonna take under. I don’t think we’re that far away from seeing one, but did you see how hot under the color that guy got? Oh my goodness! He was zero-to-sixty in no time! His wife was trying to calm him down, blood pressure through the roof. I don’t know how much he’s got honestly,” said Jones.

– Number of funny episodes of Louie this season: 2.5

“All the elevator ones were bad. The fat girl one wasn’t good. The only good one was the first one. It’s under 2.5. I like that show, but it’s been a little underwhelming this season,” said Jones.

Listen,  play along and leave us your answers in the comments section below!



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