2013_Todays_Observed_HighsWere you pleased with the weekend? Everybody that had been craving some warm summery weather was rewarded with highs in the 80s. The feeble seabreeze only cooled off the beaches a smidge as the ocean temperatures rose a few degrees closer to or just over 60. There was additional high cloudiness mixed with the puffies yesterday but not too many complained about that. Several of the WBZ WeatherBug Network stations had highs in the upper 80s. The Groton Dunstable Middle School in Groton, the Boscawen Elementary School in Boscawen, NH and the Boston Fire Department station in Brighton all had temperatures slightly over 90 degrees! The humidity rose slightly but remained close to or just under the moderate range.


2013_RPM_4KMIt was perfect timing for the weekend weather but now it looks like unsettled conditions will rule several days of this week. Initially, there is a dilemma in determining the extent of cloud cover and light showers today. A system approaching from NY and PA may split in two with a broken swath of showers scooting across the northern mountains associated with a cold front sinking down from Canada. The other sector of showers will slice across southern New England during the day but it is uncertain if this batch will cut across just CT or flair across MA as well. If it does, the showers will be mainly light. If the split of showers separates sharply, there could be some sunshine breaking out which would bump temperatures back into the lower 80s. For now, I will lean toward middle to upper 70s with clouds in charge.


D_FrontsShowers seem quite likely on Tuesday as a wave of low pressure passes by to the south. After that, high pressure building down from southern Canada will result in drier air and a spell of some sunshine with highs of 72-76. The high pressure will be strengthening as it shifts offshore so Thursday may start off cool at 50-55 degrees with some sunshine but clouds will return during the day as the next frontal boundary approaches to release showers and some thunderstorms on Friday into early Saturday. Presently, the outlook calls for some nice weather returning in time for Father’s Day with highs in the lower to middle 80s next Sunday but that is not a high confidence prediction just yet.

Todd Gutner is delivering his weathercasts on WBZ News through 9 o’clock this morning and at noon then Danielle Niles will do the same at 5, 6 and 11pm today.  I’ll be taking my weather show on the road to my final 4 school visits of this academic year. I will be traveling to Brewster, Marston Mills, South Easton and East Walpole. Make it agreat week!






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