By Danielle Niles

I heard “perfect” and “top 10” a lot to describe yesterday’s weather…and I agree! It was a gorgeous summer day with highs in the 80s inland, and 75 to 80 for many at the shore with a light seabreeze.

2013_Yesterdays_Observed_Highs (2)

How about we do it again today??  We’ll bask in the sunshine with just a few high, thin clouds and puffy cumulus clouds popping during the afternoon.  Temperatures may be a couple degrees warmer than yesterday across the interior…and pretty similar at the coast as seabreezes redevelop.

The work week ahead looks pretty good – although there will be some showers and thunderstorms to dodge at times (but plenty of dry periods too).  A weakening front will approach us tomorrow bringing the threat for an isolated morning shower, but I think most of us won’t see it.  That front never really makes it through the region though and will essentially become stationary on Tuesday.  That means a threat for scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially outside of 495 Tuesday afternoon.

D_2013_PTYPE (5)

Another area of low pressure will approach towards the end of the week, so a few showers and storms may threaten again on Thursday and Friday – but it will not be a washout by any means.  I know many are already looking ahead to next weekend, so here’s a very early look…

With a front nearby on Saturday there will be a threat for showers and perhaps a thunderstorm. Expect highs around 80. That boundary should push offshore on Father’s Day leaving us with fair and seasonable weather! We’ll keep you posted on any changes…

Now stop reading, go outside and enjoy today’s weather! :)



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