Keefer Madness: Fat Man Hides Drugs In His Belly Button

BOSTON (CBS) – Thursday night’s Keefer Madness takes us to Greenville, where a very large man hid an insane amount of heroin, crack and pills in his belly button.

Randall Streeter, a 5-foot-5 315-pound North Carolina native, was taken into custody along with his passenger by the local drug task force for trafficking narcotics.

Police found $1200 and 150 bags of heroin inside the car. . . as well as 40 additional bags of heroin, crack and Percocet inside Streeter’s navel.


“Well he’s clearly got an inny [belly button] and not an outie,” said Adam Jones.

“It would have to be an overwhelming inny,” joked Rich Keefe. “Me personally I don’t think I could even fit one Percocet pill. Maybe two I could jam in, and I don’t think I’d wanna do that. This guy had 40 in his belly button!

Keefe wondered aloud, “Are they in there to begin with? Or did he see the police coming and just start stuffing ’em in?”

Listen below!

Keefer Madness

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