2013_RAIN_TOTALSEvery now and then we need some rain for the landscape of gardens, shrubs and trees. A wave of low pressure delivered amounts in the range of 0.4 to 0.8 across much of the region yesterday with Nantucket catching some heavier downpours of almost 2.2 inches. It’s all about timing and for most people, it was just right this time around with the rain exiting early last evening to set us up with a dry, bright and much warmer weekend. With that said, I cannot rule out the chance of a few scattered showers today mainly this morning with a remote risk of an isolated shower or two this afternoon. After the cool upper 50s and lower 60s of yesterday, today’s high temperatures will reach 75 in many locations except at north-facing coastal locations including much of Cape Cod where 60s are expected. The sky will be sunniest during this afternoon most places and the pollen count will bounce much higher again after being washed out yesterday.

D_2013_HOUR_BY_HOUR_PRECIP_CLOUDSIt gives me great pleasure to forecast a wonderful weekend for all outside activities including all of the weddings, graduation parties, sports events, etc, etc. A zone of high pressure will be building in to provide abundant sunshine with perhaps a few patchy clouds. With a loose pressure gradient, a breeze in from the ocean will likely develop by midday tomorrow and that will be repeated again on Sunday. Consequently, temperatures at the beaches and over much of Cape Cod will be closer to 68-75 while the rest of the region warms to 80-85. The tide is high just before 7 am and just after 7 pm on Saturday followed by just before 8 am and just after 8 pm on Sunday. Low tides happen around 1 pm on Saturday and 2 pm on Sunday. Seas will be 1 to 3 feet with good visibility for the most part. Ocean temperatures are running in the middle to some upper 50s.

2013_WEEKENDWarm weather will continue into next week but some frontal boundaries and upper air disturbances will be fouling up the weather from time to time starting mainly later Tuesday afternoon or evening. The air will become more humid through that period and showers and boomers will become more prevalent.

You can watch Todd Gutner’s weathercasts on WBZ News through 9am and noon and I will be subbing again this evening for Eric Fisher.

Have a happy and safe weekend!


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