BOSTON (CBS) – On this latest edition of “Keefer Madness,” Rich Keefe takes us to Seattle for a very odd story of a man in underwear and a stolen RV.

A 33-year-old man led police on an hour-long chase through multiple towns in Snohomish County in a stolen motor home. He was later detained wearing only underwear.

(You can read about the entire story in more detail here)

If you remember, a recent edition of Keefer Madness also brought us to Washington — Rich Keefe thinks the two are connected.

On Thursday night, Keefe described a story in Spokane about an elderly woman fighting off a robber with a golf club in her convenience store. The robber made it off with the cash register, but was unable to open it. So he left the till, along with his clothes, just minutes down the street from the scene of the crime.

Could this stolen motor home mad man in fact be the Spokane stealer?

Listen below!



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