KENSINGTON, N.H. (CBS) — Distraught and heavily armed, police say Anthony Reardon is responsible for locking down parts of the Massachusetts and New Hampshire border, Tuesday night.

Reardon led police on a violent standoff and manhunt after he banged up four police cruisers as he fled from his home.

At his arraignment Wednesday on 9 felony charges, Reardron was ordered held on $100,000 cash bail, pending a mental health evaluation.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports



Kensington and New Hampshire police responded to a call just before 4:30 Tuesday afternoon asking that they check on the welfare of an individual in a home on Highland Avenue. Police said that when they arrived they were met by an armed man, who refused to put down two long rifles. The officers took cover and the man attempted to flee in a police cruiser.

Reardon disappeared and then returned wearing a camouflage jacket and helmet.

Attempting to leave his yard in the cruiser, police said, Reardon smashed into two state police cruisers. He then got out and ran into his back yard and fled from there.

Police said Reardon was shooting off the weapons he had but could not confirm if he was firing at police.

Shelter-in-place orders were issued for the surrounding towns, including Amesbury.

Reardon later returned to his home and was arrested by members of the SWAT team with K9 officers.

There’s still no word on what prompted the manhunt. Police say Reardon is known to them. Two years ago, he allegedly pointed a gun at officers.

Reardon was taken to a local hospital for treatment for non-life-threatening injuries. Police say he sustained those injuries, prior to their arrival.

Reardon will be back in court June 12.




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