By Katie Brace, WBZ-TVBy Katie Brace

CANTON (CBS) – At 5 months old, Rosie the German Shepherd, performs several tricks, but driving a car was an unexpected performance.

John Costello and the pup were out at a Canton park Sunday where Rosie was living up to her reputation.

“She’s very hyper, energetic and a troublemaker,” said Costello.

Costello said he was moving his daughter’s Dodge Neon a few feet. Rosie was on a retractable leash and leaped into the car.

The man's car was later pulled from the water. (Canton Police)

The man’s car was later pulled from the water. (Canton Police)

“She hit the gear shift into drive and when the car jerked, she landed on the gas pedal and we all got tangled,” said Costello.

The car went down the sand embankment and into Bolivar Pond. Costello jumped out, but the water pushed the door closed trapping Rosie inside. Costello said the car kept on rolling deeper into the water.

“I started screaming out, ‘My dog, my dog.’ I jumped in through the window and grabbed her by the neck and pulled her out and we both fell back into the water,” said Costello.

The vehicle was submerged in the water and dive teams had to pull it out. The car is considered a loss.

Costello is glad his youngest family member is OK and said he’ll be more careful of how she jumps around in the car.








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