By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TVBy Paula Ebben

GRAFTON (CBS) – One local teacher knows opening up experiences in science to his students can make all the difference in their education.

After school, sixth-graders of Millbury Street Science Club in Grafton study science and technology. But it is not the typical science club you have heard of before.

Phil LeBlanc, the science teacher, said, “They run to come here and it’s breaking down the door in the afternoon when we begin.”

The students work on projects such as crime scene investigations and fingerprinting.

They even build solar cars and rockets, and once a month, students go to the nearby Tufts University Veterinary School.

LeBlanc was previously an environmental chemist for 15 years. The wildly popular after-school science club inspires these eager learners because he makes it fun.

“They complete projects that are kinetic, hands-on, they do it themselves,” LeBlanc said. “I saw a great need for our young people to have quality science in the classroom and it was the best thing I ever did.”

Some of the students think about having a career in science.

Joshua Fiore, a student, said,” If we learn a lot about it now, it helps us with jobs in the future.”

LeBlanc hears from former students now in college such as USC and North Carolana State.

They say that what they got to do in his science club helped them understand what they wanted to do with their education and careers.


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